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    Avocledine 300 Pellet
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    Decreasing the usage of NSAIDS
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Aseman Darou Pars (ADP) specializes in procuring a full range of competitively priced branded and generic pharmaceutical and healthcare products. Our Pharmaceutical Wholesale Division supplies medicines for under special care patience, other healthcare products as herbal medicine and related services to more than 40,000 pharmacies, doctors, health centers and hospitals each year. Our R & D team ensures that all new drugs meet the most rigorous standards set by the regulatory bodies across the world. We collect, collate and evaluate scientific data which confirms the Quality, Safety and Efficacy of our medicines - all while keeping track of changing global health authority requirements.

Registration and Importing

Darou Darman Ofogh Jam

ADP was founded in 2008 to formulate, register, produce market and distribute high quality pharmaceutical products, initially  focusing on the Iran's market ...


Aseman Darou Pars

Aseman Darou Pars has adhered to its emphasis on innovation, R&D as well as its subsequent industrialization. It closely follows the most advanced ...


Aseman Tejarat Hamoon

Here at ADP we are specialists in global pharmaceutical exports, sourcing products from verified Iranian manufacturers producing ...